Second Place
Randy Wallace | Nelson Mandela High School
Father and Son

My painting was inspired by an ad for a runaway in the New York Gazette on September 4, 1766. Ben was a twenty-eight year old slave who pretended to drown on a hot summer day by leaving his clothes near the shore. I thought this was a good idea to avoid being chased.

I wanted to show Ben in the future with his son. I imagined him owning his own boat. It is Saturday in August just like the day he ran away. He is happy and free. His son is swimming and is having fun. It makes me feel good.

I looked at some colonial woodcuts in a book in art class to learn what a boat looked like back in the 18th century. I spent many days doing a pencil sketch of the waves and the details of the boat. I added the father and son last and finally painted it. I like my artwork.

2009 Artists

Kirsten Sawyer (1)
Randy Wallace (2)
Tyesha Carter (3)
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Ijayna Barnes (HM)
Gabrielle Gardner (HM)
Suzanna Cole (HM)
Sarah Hartdke (HM)
Liam Houghtaling (HM)
John Morocho (HM)
Chris Nixon (HM)