First Place
Kirsten Sawyer | Ossining High School
Midnight Dreams

Slavery is always associated with the South, from times Pre-Civil War. Many fail to recognize that New York, a northern state, used to be the largest slave-holding state of the North during the eighteenth century. The way African Americans were treated, born into cruelty and unjust realities, looked down upon and not even recognized as humans, were all results of one genetic trait: their skin color.

The advertisement I chose to base my drawing on, dated March 05, 1763, concerned a woman, with a child in her womb, who wanted to make sure that her child did not end up with the same future she had endured. She took the risk of running from her master's plantation, in the eyes of society "stealing" herself and the future child inside of her. Never knowing what may lie ahead was a part of her thoughts running through her mind at the time of her escape. Yet, she decided her own child's future was far more important than her own. In my drawing I attempted to capture the woman clutching the child in her womb, facing the moonlight, and only dreaming that her child's future would differ from her past and her own future.

2009 Artists

Kirsten Sawyer (1)
Randy Wallace (2)
Tyesha Carter (3)
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Ijayna Barnes (HM)
Gabrielle Gardner (HM)
Suzanna Cole (HM)
Sarah Hartdke (HM)
Liam Houghtaling (HM)
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