Honorable Mention
Sarah Hartdke | Ossining High School 
Breaking Chains

My inspiration for my drawing arose from a slave advertisement, dated March 05, 1763, which described a pregnant woman, with ragged clothing, a dark complexion, and pock-marked skin, who ran away. She becomes the central focus of my drawing, and it becomes her story I attempt to depict, through emphasizing the ideals of freedom and hope. I used pencil, for I felt the utilization of simpler materials and colors would allow for the message within my artwork to be more potent. As the runaway slave was the main focus of the work, I attempted to highlight the significance of her bringing not only herself, but another, into freedom, by using the placement of hands and shadowing to signify that she was pregnant. Using vertical lines of different shadings to create bark texture, I drew trees in the background as an allusion to the Underground Railroad. The inclusion of hands breaking chains symbolized the end to the years of oppression associated with slavery. The inclusion of the flying bird, whose feathered texture was created through the use of hatched lines, is meant to signify the ideal of freedom. By placing the runaway slave as the focal point of my drawing, and utilizing background symbols, the message of overcoming hardships of slavery to acquire freedom is depicted.

2009 Artists

Kirsten Sawyer (1)
Randy Wallace (2)
Tyesha Carter (3)
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Ijayna Barnes (HM)
Gabrielle Gardner (HM)
Suzanna Cole (HM)
Sarah Hartdke (HM)
Liam Houghtaling (HM)
John Morocho (HM)
Chris Nixon (HM)