Honorable Mention
Samantha Wilcox
Warm Cradle

Slavery was one of the harshest of torments a person could go through. It separated slaves from their family and forced them into strenuous labor. If you could save another from this terrible life, would you? A woman named Lucretia tried to do just this for her unborn child in 1763. She was very near giving birth and was therefore carrying an extra thirty pounds with her. She escaped from her master's manor and might have made for the docks. This article was the most unique to me because of the woman's condition. She was a pregnant woman who had recently had the smallpox who wanted a better life for her child. She risked her life so her child would not be burdened with growing up into slavery, knowing nothing of freedom. She wanted her child to have a life much different from her own, not to know the evils of slavery. Freedom was probably the most valuable thing to her, and also the most she could try to give her child.

In my picture, Lucretia is cradling her child-to-be as she runs as far from slavery as she can. The fleshy wings encircle the two of them as a barrier between them and what is behind them. Lucretia is holding the child to her bosom, the safest place for a child. She is running toward the light, leaving the darkness behind. Lucretia has scars from the smallpox and from her hard labor. Lines on her face and graying hair show her premature aging and stress. I think of all the articles, Lucretia had the most to lose and the most to gain. She would have had the hardest time escaping. But it is in her nature, every mother would do just about anything for her child. It's the cycle of life.

2008 Winners

Sisi Li (1)
Lia Rothschild (2)
Gus Boehling (3)
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Dustin Capek (H)
Keith Greenbaum (H)
Kahlilah Shahara Lilley (H)
Micole Woo (H)
Samantha Wilcox (H)
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