Shannon Murray

The ad I chose was ‘New-York Weekly Post Boy, April 23, 1723’. I chose this ad because I believe it was a good example of a slave wanting to be free. The slave’s name was Nell. In another ad, there’s a description of a slave that closely resembles that of Nell. This shows that maybe she has tried to runaway more then once, meaning that she was persistent and not willing to give up.

When Nell ran away, she took with her three Petticoats, a bluish homespun waistcoat, and an Ozenbrig shirt. She just took what she could and left, which shows how desperate she was to leave.

Nell was slim, which could mean she wasn’t fed well, and she had three diamond shaped marks on her head. I believe the markings are a symbol of a tribe she could have belonged to back in Africa.

In my piece, I wanted to make a picture symbolizing what she wanted most, freedom. In my artwork, “Break Away,” Nell is surrounded by snapping ropes, which means her breaking free. Behind her is a white halo of light, to me it shows a sign of hope, or a new life for her. In all, I wanted my piece to signify that she had the strength to keep going.

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