Amanda Murray
Reaching Out

The ad that stuck out most to me was the ad about the slave woman named Lucretia. Just the fact that she was able to run away from her slave bonds is amazing enough, but to also be quite pregnant is just fascinating. That shows just how strong she was.

I remember when my mom used to be pregnant. She would feel sick after everything she ate, she had to relax a lot, she was tired all the time, and she was hungry for most of the day. But that is nothing compared to being a pregnant slave on the run. She could not rest, she had little to eat, and she was in hiding.

When painting my interpretation of the ad, I thought a lot as her being an angel. She is trying to save herself and her child and has to go through all of these hardships for her freedom. This is extremely heroic and she was very courageous. I added the hands reaching for one another because I thought that no matter what, she was always there for her baby. I feel as though she was a savior in the sense that she had someone to protect and did so. I am not sure if she was caught or not, but I do hope that she made it to her freedom and that she and her baby lived a cheerfully free life together.

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