Hannah Sindorf
The Only Way Out

The ad I chose was about a mother, Violet, and her two sons, Joe and Willis. The ad appealed to me because it relates to everyone. At some point, everyone has a mother and is a child and understands the undying devotion of a mother's love. For Violet, this must have been no different. When I read the ad, I speculated about why she would take the risk of running away with two children, and then I realized she that was trying to save her sons, probably more than herself. Maybe she had recently been threatened by the separation of her family, or the oppression of the life of a slave had finally compelled her to act. Violet knew she had to get out and keep her children from suffering.

When an artist does any historical work, we have to get our facts straight. We need to know what people wore, how the landscape looked, how buildings appeared. For this piece, I had to research late eighteenth-century New England life. I scoured historical books for relevant pictures and information that would help me create my piece.

This artwork has given me a better understanding of slavery in the northeast, especially New York , and even my own town. Although slavery existed in the North on a smaller scale than in the South, it was still slavery; it still ruined lives. I have come to realize the middle school I attended is named for a slave owner, Van Cortlandt. This makes me wonder why we "honor" people who made their money out of the oppression and degradation of other human beings by slapping their names on things and places we find important. I am glad that I had the opportunity to work on this project. I have learned about another aspect of slavery in this country and have been able to respond by creating this piece.

2006 Artwork

Caroline Torres (1)
Allyza Lustig (2)
Olivia Horvath (3)
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Cassie Cartaginese (H)
Adam DePaolo (H)
Stephanie Lawton (H)
Sisi Li (H)
Carolyne Vanegas (H)
Megan Wachs (H)
Jasmine Whiting (H)
Noah Woodley-Aitchison (H)
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Max Caulfield
Andrew Chase
Ben Chehebar
Nick Conte
Sophie Hall
Elana Hoffman
Mary Kate Kelly
Tina Liu
Ashlie Perry
Caroline Pietsch
Kara Rothschild
Diane Saraiva
Hannah Sindorf
Yuriko Takano