Second Place
Allyza Lustig
Another Side

Music has always been a big part of my life. I've played piano since kindergarten, and my siblings both play instruments as well. This, along with other influences, has often inspired me to incorporate music/instruments into my artwork in the past. While I was reading through the various advertisements, one of the things that stood out to me in particular was the fact that a slave named Mark Edwards chose to take his fiddle with him when he ran away from the plantation. I set a scenario up in my head: he was running away, had to carry a light load, and could probably take only what was most dear to him. One of these items, along with the necessities such as warm clothing for the winter, was his fiddle. Slave owners may have taken away his family, his friends, his dignity, and his pride, but they couldn't take away his music, and that struck me as being very prominent in this description.

Reading this, I began to think of different media, compositions, and color schemes that I could use to create this piece. I knew that I would want the main focus of the project to be his face and his violin, because that is what I imagine his values were: his own self and his instrument. I wanted the piece to show a sort of love or passion for something intangible (in this case, music) that could not be taken away. To focus on this, I centered it on his face, with the eyes closed to show concentration and captivation. Concerning color, I picked certain ones as I went along. The red, white, and blue scheme fell into place. African Americans pushed their way through thick and thin to become a part of America and eventually they succeeded, hence the chosen colors.

I found this project to be one that I learned quite a bit from, and by that I mean both in the art sense and in the history sense. I was able to try to see something from a point of view that is not often looked at very closely. I set up situations in my head, reacted to them, and then worked them out on paper to decide which I'd like to focus on the most. This particular piece let me explore a medium (ripped paper collage) that I don't get to work in very often and I think that I learned a lot about value (sectioning off shadows, for example) in the process.

2006 Artwork

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