Ben Chehebar
Leaving it All Behind

I chose the ad describing the runaway Galloway. I found this particular ad interesting, as the slave owner makes a point of describing Mr. Galloway as "when Tipsey, is a brave fellow and very abusive." This quote reveals the underlying attitude of the slave owner towards the slave, in that the slave owner did not feel the slave's character was strong enough to have run away had he not been under the influence of alcohol. The slave owner focuses on this particular attribute of Mr. Galloway to make his capture more important, as he could be a possible threat to others.

My artwork, entitled "Leaving it All Behind," was drawn using layers of pastel. The juxtaposition of the focused and unfocused aspects of the drawing was done through the use of charcoal pencils and a pastel smudging technique, which served to combine colors and textures while also allowing some to stand on their own. The parts of the drawing that are in focus, such as the bottle, were done to draw the viewers' attention to the most important parts of the picture. The bottle that is left behind is significant because it symbolizes the slave's pained past that led him to drink, as well as the elimination of his need to drink as a free man. Mr. Galloway, in essence, is leaving behind both his life as a slave and his drinking problem. Mr. Galloway's shadow is cast over the dark backdrop of his former home, which is contrasted by the vibrant colors of the sunset. The sun drops behind the house, representing the end of his life as a slave, while at the same time, the colors in the sunset represent his optimistic future.

2006 Artwork

Caroline Torres (1)
Allyza Lustig (2)
Olivia Horvath (3)
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Cassie Cartaginese (H)
Adam DePaolo (H)
Stephanie Lawton (H)
Sisi Li (H)
Carolyne Vanegas (H)
Megan Wachs (H)
Jasmine Whiting (H)
Noah Woodley-Aitchison (H)
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Max Caulfield
Andrew Chase
Ben Chehebar
Nick Conte
Sophie Hall
Elana Hoffman
Mary Kate Kelly
Tina Liu
Ashlie Perry
Caroline Pietsch
Kara Rothschild
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