Djembes and Dance

Saturday, May 20, 2017
381 N. Broadway
Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591


Enjoy a day of traditional African American music and dancing at Djembes and Dance: A springtime celebration of African rhythm, the Hudson Valley’s most exciting drumming festival!

Step into the rhythms and get swept up in this springtime soiree featuring continuous performances of African drumming and dancing. In a day filled with music and revelry, master drummers bring African instruments alive. Learn a new dance step, move to the rhythm of the djembe and shakeree, listen to the melodious strings of the kora, enjoy African folklore storytelling, and watch cooking demonstrations, including presentations by acclaimed food historian Michael Twitty. Children are invited to make their own djembe and shakeree to take home. 

Plus, experience a recreation of a colonial cross-cultural event known as Pinkster, first celebrated in the Hudson Valley in the 17th century. Pinkster was a joyous, festive occasion that beckoned the arrival of spring. For the African community riven by enslavement, it was a profound opportunity for family members and friends, many of whom were split off and spread out from each other, to come together.

Learn about the history and meaning of "Pinkster"


12pm to 5pm

Online Admission

$14; $12 for seniors; $8 for children 3-17

Onsite Admission

$16; $14 for seniors; $10 for children 3-17

Free for members and children under 3

Schedule of Activities


Children’s Games

Runaway Art Exhibit and Film

Historic African Food Demonstrations with Pam Nyambi

Roaming Fiddler Henrique Prince

Historic Dutch Cooking Demonstrations

Children’s Crafts

Mill and Manor House Tours

Timed activities

12:00 -  Music on Stage

             Storytelling with April Armstrong

             Historic Cooking Demonstration with Michael Twitty

12:30 - Children of Dahomey

1:00 -   Pinkster Parade and Game of Lies

            Dance Competition with Audience Participation

2:00 -   Music on Stage

            Storytelling with April Armstrong

            Historic Cooking Demonstration with Michael Twitty

2:30 -   Children of Dahomey

3:00 -   Election of the Pinkster King

3:30 -   Music on Stage

            Historic Cooking Demonstration with Michael Twitty

4:00 -  Music on Stage

           Storytelling with April Armstrong