Staff says goodbye to Moses the Mill Cat


Monday, 8/26/2013 7:15am

He was definitely the most photographed cat in Sleepy Hollow, if not the entire county of Westchester.

Moses the Mill Cat, who faithfully greeted the visiting public for 15 years at Philipsburg Manor, died last week after suffering complications from cancer. Born sometime in the first half of 1998, he came to Philipsburg Manor as a kitten by way of Ossining, where he was part of a litter at a home near that of Peter Curtis’s, who was Philipsburg Manor’s longtime miller. Drawn to Mr. Curtis, the kitten kept finding his way into the miller’s yard, prompting Mr. Curtis to ask his owner if he could take the curious cat to Philipsburg Manor. A perfect match, it turned out.

Moses, a grey and white domestic longhair named after basketball great Moses Malone, spent his days prowling Philipsburg Manor’s grounds and buildings, much to the delight of many visitors, who invariably paused to take snapshots of the shaggy ambassador. (Google “Moses the Mill Cat” to get a sense of just how many feline paparazzo shots of him exist.)

Largely approachable, the felicitous feline allowed many visitors to pet him, making them feel as if he adopted them, if only for the afternoon.

Outgoing and personable, he had a friendly, if intense demeanor and a regal air. That being said, he was not above soliciting visitors for food, as the image here shows.

“Moses felt like he owned a place, whether our Manor or the vet's office,” said HHV Operations Manager Rob Yasinsac, Moses primary caregiver.

He leaves behind many friends at Historic Hudson Valley, loyal servants who doted on him. Besides feeding and administering hyper-thyroid pills, staff also did their best to chase him out of the Manor House, the one building off-limits to four-legged visitors. Moses blithely ignored the prohibition when given the opportunity, enjoying a nap now and then on Adolph Philipse’s bed.

“He truly was Lord of the Manor,” quipped Mr. Yasinsac.

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