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Benefits and Levels

Are memberships tax-deductible?
Due to the value of premium priced event tickets, a limited portion of your membership is tax deductible. You may forgo all membership benefits (other than complimentary admission to Historic Hudson Valley properties), which will make your contribution fully tax deductible.

Do I receive free admission to Kykuit with my membership?
No. You receive discounted admission to Kykuit with your membership. The discount is $10 for each adult ticket purchased for those included in your membership package.

Can I receive discounted admission to Kykuit for everyone in my group?
You may receive discounted admission to Kykuit for those individuals included in your membership package.  Other guests must pay full price.

Why don’t you offer free admission to Kykuit?
Kykuit is not owned by Historic Hudson Valley. It is a National Historic Trust site. Historic Hudson Valley runs the tours and programming for Kykuit.

Do I receive free admission to Lyndhurst too?
No. Lyndhurst is not a Historic Hudson Valley site. (Yes, Lyndhurst does appear on our website and in some of our other promotional materials because we have a marketing partnership with them.)

What if I have four children? The Family membership only includes benefits for three children.
We do offer the option of our Family Plus membership, which includes benefits for 5 children in your household under age 18.

Remember that children under the age of 3 are admitted free of charge.  So, if your fourth child is under 3, the Family membership benefits will be sufficient for you.

What if I have children UNDER 3…do my spouse/partner and I still need to purchase the Family membership?
No. Children under the age of 3 are admitted free of charge so you only need to purchase the Dual membership.

If it rains, can I exchange my tickets for another date?
No. Events are held rain or shine.  In the event of severe weather, however, Historic Hudson Valley may cancel an event date to ensure visitor safety.  Please visit or call 914-366-6900 for weather cancellation updates.  In the event, HHV, does decide to cancel the event, further instructions for members will be made available.  No exchanges (or refunds) will otherwise be provided.

How many discounted member tickets to premium-priced events can I purchase?
You may purchase one discounted member ticket for each person included in your membership package.

Please note that discounted member ticket benefits to all premium-priced events can be redeemed for only one event season per membership year. (For example: if you purchase a Family membership on June 1, 2014 (expires June 30, 2015) and you use only three discounted member tickets to A Night on Fire for June 28, 2014, you will not be able to redeem your other two discounted member tickets to A Night on Fire for June 2015.)

Membership Information

What/where is my membership number?
Your membership number is located on your membership card in the lower left corner below the barcode (on both plastic cards and temporary print-at-home cards).

What is the duration of my membership?
Your membership is valid until the last day of the month of the following year from the date of purchase of your membership. So, for instance, if you purchased your membership on July 4, 2014 your membership would be valid through July 31, 2015.

Is my membership transferable?
No. The primary member must be present to receive the benefits of the membership.

Can I upgrade my membership before it expires?
Yes. You may upgrade to a higher level membership by paying the difference in price.  The expiration date of your upgraded level membership will remain the same as your previous level membership. 

You may also renew your membership early at any time to a new (or same) level membership by paying the full price of the membership. The expiration date of your renewed membership will automatically move forward one year from the current expiration date.

If I purchase a membership today, can you credit my admission to one of your sites from last weekend?
No. We do not credit admission toward the purchase of a membership unless you purchase the membership at the site on the same day of your admission.

Can I get credit for my Kykuit admission toward the purchase of a membership?
If you purchase a membership at one of the sites on the same day as your tour of Kykuit, you may receive a $10 credit toward a membership for each person included in the membership benefits. This $10 is the equivalent to the Kykuit ticket discount included in the membership benefits. 

You may NOT receive credit for a Kykuit admission toward the purchase of a membership if purchasing a membership by mail or phone (or at a site) AFTER the date of your Kykuit tour.

If I purchase a membership today on the phone and want to go to the sites tomorrow (this weekend) how can I gain free admission without my membership card?
The admissions desk at our sites (except Union Church) are equipped with our member database. They will be able to look up your name and give you your free member admission ticket(s). If you plan to visit Union Church within 2-3 days of purchasing your membership, it is best to purchase on our web site, where you will receive a temporary print-at-home membership card via email.

I see that you can purchase/reserve tickets on the website for events, such as Sheep-to-Shawl.  As a member do I need to reserve tickets in advance?
As a member it is not necessary to reserve tickets for our daytime weekend festivals, such as Sheep-to-Shawl or CORNucopia, but you certainly can and it can save you time when checking in at the event. 

You can simply show up at the event with your membership card.  Once you present your membership card at the admission desk (or at the Members Check-in table) you will be given your free member tickets for those individuals included in your membership benefits.

If you prefer to reserve tickets in advance, you will be able to print a ticket confirmation at home.  You will need to bring this ticket confirmation with you to the event.  Once there, you will still need to get a stick-on ticket from the admission desk /Members Check-in table/or admission scanners.

I tried to make my reservations online and my member number is not working.  Why am I not able to make my member reservations?
The following are some of the most common causes a member may be having trouble reserving member tickets:

1. Your membership must be active at the time of the event in order to make a reservation. If your membership expires before the date of the event, you need to renew your membership in order to reserve your free or discounted member tickets.

2. If you are trying to make reservations for Blaze and your membership expires October 31st of the current year, you may have already used your Blaze benefits in the previous Blaze season.  Your membership benefits include one ticket to Blaze within the 12-month membership period for those in your membership package.

Guest privileges

Can I bring a guest to Blaze?
No. Guest privileges are not valid for Blaze.

Guest privileges do not extend to any of our premium-priced events: The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze, A Night on Fire, Horseman’s Hollow, Irving's 'Legend,' Dickens's 'Christmas Carol' and weekend events at Sunnyside (October 3- November 1).

For what events/sites may I bring a guest?

Guest privileges are valid for general admission to Sunnyside, Philipsburg Manor, Union Church, and Van Cortlandt Manor. Guest privileges are also valid for admission to our daytime weekend festivals: Sheep-to-Shawl, Discover Pinkster!, CORNucopia and From a Child's Perspective.

I know that I received my Membership card in the mail, but do I really need to bring it with me to the sites to gain free admission for my guests?

Yes.  Your membership card entitles you to bring 2 guests every time you visit our sites (excluding Kykuit) for timed tours and daytime festivals. Present your membership card to the admissions desk (or Members Check-in table at events) in order to gain free admission for your guests.

Blaze Member Benefits

When can I reserve my free Blaze tickets?
Members may reserve their free member Blaze tickets starting during the Members-only Early Reservation period (which occurs one week prior to public reservations).  This Early Reservation period will be announced through email and mail communications with members. 

Members may continue to reserve their free member tickets through the end of the Blaze provided tickets are available.

Can I purchase Blaze tickets for non-members during the Members-only Early Reservation period?

What if the date/time I want for Blaze is sold out? Since I am a member can you just squeeze me in?
No. When a time slot/date is sold out, it is sold out for everyone. 

We do offer members the special courtesy of our Members Only Reservation period; allowing them the chance to reserve the dates/times of their choice before making them available to the general public.

I have already reserved my member tickets for Blaze, but now have a conflicting appointment/event; my daughter is sick; my car is in the shop, etc.  Can I exchange my tickets for another time/date?
No. All tickets (member and non-member) are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

We receive numerous requests each day for exchanges. We simply don’t have the resources to expend on fulfilling all of these requests. We cannot make an exception for one person/member without making an exception for everyone/all of our members.