A supersonic soundscape, courtesy of Phish collaborator Steve Pollak AKA "The Dude of Life" and Charlie de Saint Phalle!

Dude of Life at Lightscapes

We’re thrilled to be working with two incredible musical artists on an all-new soundscape for LIGHTSCAPES. Steve Pollak (at left), better known as The Dude of Life, is a longtime collaborator with mega band Phish. Working with longtime musical mate Charlie de Saint Phalle (at right), the pair, who perform together in the Fluid Druids, spent the winter creating an epic mix of melodious spring friendly ear candy. Pictured here with LIGHTSCAPES creative director Michael Natiello (center), these multi-instrumentalists pulled out all the stops to give LIGHTSCAPES the incredible sound it deserves. Part funk, part classical, part space rock…it’s all unique to LIGHTSCAPES, and all very Steve and Charlie. Do not miss hearing this!

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"Butterfly Emergence" - Mp3

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"Clavinous" - Mp3


"I am thrilled and honored to be working on this wonderful project that brings together sculpture, light, and music. All of the LIGHTSCAPES artists are pooling their creative talents and incorporating state-of-the-art technology with the goal of creating an awe-inspiring, multi-sensory experience. I feel, this year, as a team, we have truly raised the bar!"

             —Steve Pollak/The Dude of Life

"I love working with the wildly creative artists that put on the Blaze and LIGHTSCAPES! It’s fascinating to see Michael Natiello and the creative crazies take these ideas and ethereal concepts and give them physical form. From the saturated colors of the LED lights to the whimsical sculptures all created from recycled materials, the exhibit captures the spirit of that which animates spring time."

             —Charlie de Saint Phalle