Shaggy sheep, no more!


Friday, 6/17/2011 10:52am

Published: 4/1/11

Got plans for this weekend? Join us as we celebrate the arrival of spring on our 18th-century working farm at Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow, NY. Meet 12 adorable newborn lambs and watch the older sheep get sheared using 18th-century hand tools. (No buzzcuts here.)

Kathryn Terpstra, farm manager at Philipsburg Manor, had this to say about the wooly new additions.

"A sure sign that spring is here is when lambs start to magically appear; we now have a total of 12 adorable, yet increasingly mischievous, lambs. The warm weather and sunshine has made for some very active days for the lambs; you will often see them tearing across the site in a mob. They are generally up to no good, since if there is somewhere they are not supposed to be, they will usually be there.

"Every lamb has a name. How each one gets its name varies. Martin was born on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and you can figure out when the twins Valentine and Valentino were born. Sometimes we name them after people we know, like Kate, for our recently retired curator, Kate Johnson. Since the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl, one set of twins was named Aaron and Rodger in honor of the Packers' quarterback. Most of the time the lambs get names we just happen to like. This year we chose Edward, Anne, Mary, Isabella, Mortimer, and Tess."

Want to get up close and personal with Martin, Valentino, and all our other newborn lambs? Come visit Sheep-to-Shawl this weekend at Philipsburg Manor.

And take a listen to this little guy!

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