Learn about REAL Pirate's Booty


Sunday, 6/15/2014 4:39pm

An exhibit at Pirates of the Hudson explores the link between pirates and the heritage of Philipsburg Manor. "What is Pirate Treasure?” delves into the concept of treasure in the 18th century and the Philipse family’s connection to real pirates. The event takes place July 5 and tickets are on sale now.

The four-room exhibit comes to life through the efforts of experienced interpreters who, "anchored" by the collections and exhibit signage around them, invite visitors to explore the treasures and hard choices created by piracy in the 18th century.

Visitors can explore items of value from the time, such as silks, spices, ceramics and other goods. Gold doubloons they are not, but nonetheless, these were the true treasures for seafaring adventurers. Easily plundered from ships and resold on the black market, this kind of “pirate's booty” was as good as gold!

Merchants faced a constant threat from pirates, who scoured trade routes for vulnerable vessels. At the same time, some merchants chose to do business with pirates in certain areas of the world. The story of Philipsburg Manor’s Adolphe Philipse, whose wealth was gained through means both legal and illegal, reveals the connection between pirates and obstensibly legitimate merchants. 

As a final nod to the activities outside the manor doors, visitors leave the exhibit with the knowledge that the fascination with pirates has indeed been longstanding, as evidenced by an image of "A General History of the Pyrates," a best-selling book from 1724.

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