LIGHTSCAPES: Beautiful to see - and hear


Friday, 5/1/2015 1:39pm

The springtime garden fantasy LIGHTSCAPES is a vibrant celebration of the return of life, warmth, and color after a long, cold, gray-and-white winter. The lights and sculptures are visual eye candy, for sure, but LIGHTSCAPES also serves up a treat for the ears, in the form of a new, original soundscape by – fittingly – The Dude of Life, a longtime Phish collaborator, and his Fluid Druid bandmate Charles de Saint Phalle.

Steve Pollak (the Dude) and Charles, local musicians with national, even global names, wrote a song collection that complements the art on display. At times funky, at times spacey, at times classical, the music twists and turns and keeps it interesting throughout.

"Steve and Charlie are huge fans of Historic Hudson Valley’s programs and special events and their overall ‘vibe’ fit so perfectly with LIGHTSCAPES that it was impossible to think of anybody more appropriate to create a masterful soundscape,” says Rob Schweitzer, Director of Marketing and Public Relations. “They are just excellent partners.’’

The songwriters worked closely with Historic Hudson Valley’s music team, consisting of Schweitzer and LIGHTSCAPES Creative Director Michael Natiello, to create a soundtrack that blends seamlessly with the sculpture on display.

“These guys are multi-instrumentalists and each area has its own unique auditory ‘feel,’ but the overall effect is cohesive,” says Schweitzer. “The music and sound effects guide you from installation to installation.”

And Master Sound Engineer Randy Taber makes sure it sounds fantastic, too. Fiber optic cable along with a state-of-the-art, centrally-controlled system deliver the music throughout Van Cortlandt Manor’s historic grounds.

“All of the LIGHTSCAPES artists are pooling their creative talents and incorporating state-of-the-art technology with the goal of creating an awe-inspiring, multi-sensory experience,’’ says the Dude. “I feel, this year, as a team, we have truly raised the bar!’’

Click here to stream a track from the event called “Butterfly Emergence’’ (one of Schweitzer’s favorites).


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