From a Child's Perspective: Family fun all August long


Wednesday, 6/28/2017 1:02pm

On Thursdays in August, families are invited to explore Washington Irving’s Sunnyside as a family home during From a Child’s Perspective. Before or after your tour, participate in fun, educational activities related to an aspect of the home’s history and Irving’s legacy.

Each week features a different theme with different activities, so you may want to come more than once! Families are encouraged to make a day of it and pack a picnic lunch to enjoy Sunnyside's beautiful grounds overlooking the Hudson River.

Here’s the schedule:

Aug. 3: Travel and Exploration

Today we’re going places! Leave your cars behind as we go back to a time of horse-and-carriages and steam locomotives. Follow in the footsteps of Washington Irving as we travel throughout North America and across Europe.On your tour of the historic cottage, find objects that represent the different countries Washington Irving visited. Meet new friends as you and your family contribute to our community train build. Make your own map of your favorite place to visit. At the craft table, design and build a train to take home or create your own vacation scrapbook to fill up as you and your family go on adventures together. We’ll have stories and games throughout the day that feature travel and exploration.  

August 10: Art and Architecture

One of the things cool things about Sunnyside is that Washington Irving helped design his beloved cottage. Come today and learn about the different cultures and styles that influenced the home’s design. On a tour of the cottage, identify different architectural styles. Meet new friends as you and your family contribute to the community-build a castle project. Borrow our paints and paper to create your own watercolor landscape of Sunnyside to bring home. At the craft table, try your hand creating your own paper flower bouquet or create a set of blueprints of your own dream house.    

August 17: American Storytelling and Music

Washington Irving wrote The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle nearly 200 years ago. His work paved the path for other American Tall Tales to be written and shared all over. Today, embark on a literary adventure with us and Mr. Irving. See a shadow puppet performance of the famous Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Explore the woods as you listen to one of Mr. Irving’s popular tales. Hear about Mr. Irving’s adventures and how they inspired him to write stories as you explore his historic cottage. Visit the storytelling table where you can contribute to our very own tall tale. Join in as we sing well-known American folk songs. At the crafts table, create your own bookmark or music instrument. During story time, hear beloved American tall tales or borrow one of our books and find a shady tree to read on your own.    

August 24: Nature

Washington Irving when designing his home, wanted to be surrounded by nature. He covered his house with vines and kept the best old trees to be enjoyed for years to come. Explore our garden and see how many plants you can identify. Learn why bees are so important to our gardens, not just at Sunnyside but everywhere. As you and your family explore our grounds, keep an eye out for items to be found on our nature-inspired scavenger hunt. At the crafts table, create your own mosaic using different-color beans or create your own birdseed packet to bring home for your feathered friends. Meet new friends as you add flowers to our community pop up garden. 

August 31: Fun and Games

Today is all about having fun! At the craft table, make your own doll or paper spinner. Try your hand at chess or other board games that were popular in the 19th century. During field games, race other families in a sack race or the three-legged race. See who can keep a water balloon from bursting the longest. Enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air with your family as you explore our grounds and historic cottage.  


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